Presale Eligibility Terms

1. In making a decision on your eligibility to access presale tickets, we will assess the data you provide us with as well as data provided by third parties (”Eligibility Data”) to determine whether, in our opinion and based on our criteria, you are a legitimate fan.

2. We will also assess your Eligibility Data to determine whether you may be attempting to purchase tickets for commercial purposes and/or on a fraudulent basis and/or whether you are otherwise in breach of any terms relating to this presale or any other Ticketmaster Terms and Conditions).

3. We do this by creating a profile for you using your Eligibility Data, as provided here, as well as any information from your Ticketmaster account (if you have one) and assessing it based on a number of criteria including: your previous Ticketmaster purchasing history and verification and analysis of the contact details you provide.

4. The outcome of our assessment of your profile will determine whether we you will be eligible to access this presale.

5. Ticketmaster reserves the right, in its sole discretion and without any liability whatsoever, to make a determination at any time that you are ineligible to access this presale (or any other Ticketmaster presale). We do this to make sure that wherever possible we offer tickets directly to real fans.

6. We use your information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. When you register, we also collect information about you on behalf of Spree Festival, Paisley Council, Paolo Nutini and his management, agent and record label. We may provide them with information to help them run the event and their marketing as per their Privacy Policy.

Paperless Terms and Conditions

There is a strict limit of 2 tickets per person, per credit card, per billing address. This limit is strictly enforced.

1. We reserve the right to cancel any ticket purchase made by any person whom we reasonably believe to be associated with any ticket broker or tout.

2. No paper tickets will be issued. Your credit/debit card is your ticket. The credit/debit card used by you for the purchase of tickets serves as evidence of your right to attend the event.

If you buy more than one ticket, in order to enter the venue and attend the event your guest(s) (other ticket holder(s)) must accompany and be present with you at the time of entry into the event, at the venue on the night of the show. You must be attending the event. There are no exceptions to these requirements.

3. You must provide your actual credit/debit card that you used for the purchase along with valid government issued photographic ID (passport or driving licence) in order to enter the event. The name on your photo ID must match the name on the credit/debit card used for the ticket purchase, otherwise you will be refused entry to the event.

4. These tickets are non-transferable under any circumstances and any resale, transfer, or attempted resale or transfer, will invalidate the ticket purchase. No changes to the name(s) of the ticketholder(s) or letters of authorisation will be accepted.

5. All ticket purchases are subject to the standard terms and conditions and Purchase Policy of Ticketmaster UK Limited, accessible at, as well as these terms and conditions. In the event of any inconsistency, these terms and conditions will apply.

6. For more information on paperless ticketing please visit

Paperless Ticketing was designed to keep the tickets for such events out of the hands of secondary ticket sellers and into the hands of the fans, so please help us by adhering to the above.